Sunday, August 16, 2009

Holding Pattern

We are in a holding pattern. haven't decided if we really want to consider the rent house we looked at last Wednesday or not.... We might possibly have someone maybe considering if they want to make and offer on our house....or not. On Thursday, their realtor posted they were considering making an offer, but we haven't heard anything, so who knows.. but it has us in a holding pattern. We certainly don't want to sign a lease somewhere if we are going to get and offer this week. Soooo...just keeping waiting just keep waiting just keep waiting la la la lalalalala

Oh, and DO NOT EVER ENTER THE Edy's Neighborhood Salute Contest. DON"T DO IT. You just might win....and your original date might get rained out and not very many people show up for your reschedule and you'll be left with gallons of ice cream in your freezer. None of this would be a problem EXCEPT IT IS REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD ICE CREAM!!! Seriously, it's not worth the torture. Don't do it to yourself!!! ;-)

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