Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Kid Update

Joshua- Is almost 5. Where has the time gone? And where has my baby gone? He's changing. I have to talk to him differently now. I can sit and discuss his behavior with him and he really is starting to understand the why's and how's of discipline. I pray that God is working in his tender little heart. He's struggling with knowing boundaries with his little sisters. He can't figure out a good balance of fun with rough. He is excited about our new house, but says he is going to miss the little boys that live there now, he has seen them twice after all...just takes once for Joshua to make a lifetime friend. He also still asks me when we are moving back to Texas regularly.

Leah- Is getting physically stronger. She is trying to teach herself to stand on her head, and squeals with delight when she rolls on over. She wants to read so bad. Her hair is getting so long.

Hannah- Eating really well. Sleeping good too...I'm sure that will change once the pace picks up around here. She still only has 6 teeth. Still army crawls but can big girl crawl when she wants too. She pulls up to stand and play all the time but isn't letting go at all. Her personality is really coming out. She's fun to play and interact with now. She chatters away all the time. Has lots of words she says, but refuses to be a performance monkey. This week she has started saying apple, papa, whoa and she signs more and all done. She's my best signer so far!

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Karen Deborah said...

oh the joy of motherhood. You make me smile. so where are the pictures of these tots?