Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Kid Update

We are doing good. We are all settling into our winter routine of only leaving the house on the weekends. Amazing how much money we save this time of year. It has just started snowing and we are glad to see it. We've had little snow this year. One good storm on New Year's Day that lasted for 2 weeks but since then very little. It has been nice in some ways. The kids and I have gotten to get out to the library some, but there hasn't been any fun snow to play in or sled on. This is supposed to be a pretty good snow, so hopefully we will get a good sled day in tomorrow.

The kids are all great. We are doing some retraining and role realignments right now, so it isn't necessarily pretty but necessary. We realized that herd parenting Joshua and Leah together needed to stop. Joshua now has more responsibilities to help push him to better maturity choices. Leah has had all choices and responsibilities taken away to get her back to being realigned at a 3 year old level, instead of 5 years. It is already helping. Joshua is listening much better and being much more caring for us all. Boys just need more work to keep them busy, and I forget that sometimes. Leah is having the biggest change already. She's much calmer and happier. Hannah is ADORABLE. I've thought that all of my kids were cute, but several times a day, I want to grab the camera and capture Hannah at this stage. I don't know if it is her temperment to be so cute or just a phase. Time will tell. She definitly likes attention. I don't konw if that is because she's a third child ans so always has someone's attention or if it is just who God has made her. It sure is fun. We all eat her up.

Hopefully, next week, I'll have some video to put up here!

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