Monday, February 22, 2010

We've survived our first chicken pox party of this season. Hopefully it is the only one we need to catch the elusive critters. All of us Mom's were talking about how funny it is that people freak out when there is a case of pox. We all swapped more germs than this germaphobe Mama can ever honestly admit and who knows if any of the 13 children will actually catch the pox. One of the Mom's here was with her #8 child, the last one to need the pox. She said her #7 took 5 parties before she got them. Seriously, this infecting gig is hard work.

My children all had their very first suckers. Joshua was pretty sure he had died and gone to heaven. Finally a sweet he really loved. I'm petrified of what tonight could be like with all of that sugar and artificial colors. I know that tomorrow will be AWFUL. My kids react to sugar soooo much and usually get very limited amounts. The big two ate a whole sucker, red and blue at that! EEK! Hannah did a pretty good job on part of a blue one herself. I can't believe I let my 17 month old have a sucker. Still freaked out about all of this. I'm such a germaphobe and healthaphobe, these pox parties are just hard on my pysche.

But, now we wait. 14-21 days from now we will know. Surely at least one of the 13 picked it up. The pox boy was awesome. Never fussed once about licking all of the suckers, or having his nose swabbed. Hope my kids are as willing to help when their time comes.

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Shona Cole said...

I have never heard of a pox party!!!

I hope you got a photo of Joshua and that sugary treat. My kids all eat sugar, but now that I have cut it out of my diet I think that sugar is evil. the enemies tool to make us crazy. I am thinking of ways now to phase it out. So hard when everything easy to fix has sugar!!!! I am so super impressed you kept your kids pure so long. You are a good mama for sure.

thanks for stopping by today :)