Thursday, February 25, 2010


schiz·o·phre·ni·a - (noun) disorganized speech and behavior

This is how I feel about my blog. Little clips of my life put randomly together seem odd and make me laugh. I could also add some kind of personality disorder here as well. I'm a many faceted person and depending on the personality that sits down at this computer when the moment of opportunity arises, you could get any mix of thoughts or sentiments. Blogging is funny that way. Some women are so great at being consistent in their content and thought patterns, probably because they have a precise purpose in blogging, but I'm just not. So I plug along here. After all, my two purposes of blogging are to continue to share my life with my beloved family and friends a 1000 miles away from me and to have some kind of insight for my children of our familial pursuits in their childhood. If nothing else, it should give them something to make fun of me about as I get old and crotchety.

And so, to warn my readers of a day when my post might be all over the place, I introduce you to my newest posting series.....schizophrenia.

So, what's on my mind today.
Snow is so pretty and I love it, except that it is cold and you have to wear too many clothes and you can't swim and then it gets slightly warmer and is still cold but the snow melts and gets really messy and muddy and it is still cold. Only 2 more months of winter here. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. The winter really has been much milder this year than lasts, and I am thankful to God for that!

When we moved to Ohio, remember I was big pregnant and soon had a baby and then saw snow for the first time, Sarah V came to stay with us and help us out (still waiting for her to come again...hint hint). She marveled one day about how I would let the kids run around our circle in our house and be loud and rowdy. I told her that I was trying out a theory. I had heard of women and children being locked in their homes for months on end by this mysterious thing called snow, and that sounded like alot of pent up energy to me, so I was going to let my kids learn that at certain times, they could let it all loose in the house. I can now say that I am glad I thought ahead to that! Today my children ran up and down our hall, screaming at the top of their lungs AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......for 45 minutes without stopping. You could see the awe and admiration in Hannah's eyes at the sheer genius of Joshua and Leah to come up with such an engaging game. It works! (I've also brought the bicycles in to the basement for a few quick laps while I change out laundry.)

I've been reading alot this year. I really miss reading when it doesn't fit into my life. I've read lots of books on health and nutrition, always trying to do better for my family in that area. It pays off, if nothing else because it gets me refocused on what junk we are putting into our bodies. I day dream alot about blogging a series here on my health journey. Someday, I'll even sit down and do it, but I warn you that I need to clearly relate the concept of place value to my 5 year old first.

I've also been reading on temperaments again. Trying to get a better hold on how best to guide and teach and discipline each of my chlidren. It is tricky business figuring out your child's temperament. They say they aren't fully established until 7, but I think we can see ours pretty well right now. Joshua is like his father, big surprise there, phlegmatic with a little sanguine...although he seems to have more sanguine than Robert. Leah is interesting. She is just like me and so I assumed she'd be a strong choleric...and she still might, but right now I think she has alot of sanguine in her....which I have NONE. Hannah is a baby, and I have that one nailed down! Or do I, she will be 18 months next week.....hmmmm. Maybe I should start potty training her.

When I finish this post, I will begin the list making and suitcase pulling for our trip!!!! We are all so excited. Especially since it is snowing heavily today and is supposed to continue tomorrow. But in Cinci, the forecast is for sunshine and 40 degrees. CAN'T WAIT!!! Sunshine!!!!

My cheap-Dave Ramsey side and my free spirit spender side are battling over this trip. DR on my shoulder keeps telling me to plan our meals out for the trip so we can save money and eat healthier...I like this option except the work involved in planning and executing it. lol! My free spender side keeps telling me that I love eating out and really it is vacation, my only glimpse of down time ever and I should take the break and enjoy it. Hmmmm, we'll see which lists I get accomplished before we leave on Saturday....that will really determine which side wins.

I used to pack for the whole week leading up to a trip. I'm one of those annoying people that forsees almost any need and packs accordingly to have all bases covered. However, since having children, I've learned about this crazy malfunction on the 22nd chromosome. Apparently it is a gene that shuts off once you reach an age older than my children, I'll let you know what age that is once mine reach it. It's wild to observe, especially if left to develop uninhibited. Here is what it does. Any time a suitcase is brought into the environment, it immediately clicks on and the gene springs into action. If the suitcase is left empty, the child must, genetically driven, completely and totally and haphazardly fill every space of said case. They really can't help themselves. However, and this is where the true wonder of the human make up comes into play, if the said case is being or is packed, the same child MUST remove all items and place them in the most unusual spots in the most extreme areas of the current environment. The first time I witnessed this with Joshua, I just thought it was a novelty of an unknown item, but I now know, after having three very distinct and separate test cases, that it is consistent across the species. Amazing really!


Karen Deborah said...

I can do variety, it's the spice of life! It's not really schizo--that's hearing voices. Do you hear voices? should we call the little men in white coats?

As for the battle about vacation put DR on vacation and also put him on silence mode. A vacation is a VACATION don't cheat yourself out of some time off duty. We all survive on eating out, and enjoy it to. Have a great trip.

Oh and disciplining kids I spank everybody and get the details sorted out later. It worked for my mom. So you know if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Donna said...

Hey Christi...I vote for the free spender side! It's a vacation!!! Tell Robert I said so--Ha!

Millicent said...

So....Dave would tell you to budget for the vacation, save for the vacation and spend the money. It's a vacation NOT home away from home. Have FUN!!!!!!!!!