Sunday, February 21, 2010

We are going on vacation!!!!! Robert's company finally hired someone for the second full time management position that he has been working since Hannah was 2 months old. FINALLY! So, to celebrate our survival of this insanity and to get our family pulled back together, we are heading out for some down time!!!! We are going down to Cincinnati for a few days. We'll take Robert to the Creation Museum for the first time. The kids are ecstatic about going back, and so am I. It really is stunningly beautiful! We are also going to visit the Newport Aquarium, we are aquarium junkies, after all. Then we are going to park it at Great Wolf Lodge and just chill for a few days. Cannot wait! We don't plan on leaving the hotel at all. Our ideal schedule looks like sleeping in until 8-9. Get up and enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the buffett downstairs. Mosey over to the waterpark a few feet away. Play play play. Have a quick lunch in our room. More waterpark time. Then long naps, playplayplay. Dinner, bedtime story in the lobby then sleep tight. Wash, rinse, repeat! We leave Saturday!!!

Tomorrow we are hosting a chicken pox party at our house. Hopefully it will work this time. It would be perfect timing to get the pox!!!!


Kelly @ Follow Faithfully said...

WOW!! How cool that y'all finally get a vacation. Sounds WONDERFUL!! We've been wanting to hit up Great Wolf Lodge as well. There is one in NC that we've been eyeing for awhile. I can't wait to see pictures and hear how terrific it is for y'all! YAY!!!

Donna said...

I had a chicken pox was fun! I'm so glad you are heading out on a vacation--hurrah for you!

I put a comment on your New Year's post...I'm so proud of you. How's the sink doing?

By the way, you are my featured follower for the next day or so. I'm working on it right now. Thanks for being one of my VERY FIRST followers! You've been a big encouragement to me. :o)

Christi L. said...

Wow Donna. Featured follower, lol.

My sink is doing splendidly, actually. Thank you. I plan on giving a month end update in a few days, so check back for all of the grimy details. ;-)