Thursday, December 11, 2008

I think I've figured out Hannah's sudden sleep issues. I think she must be goign thru her three month growth spurt, and she is trying to roll over. She hasn't quite figured out the arm thing yet. It has reminded me that I do need to give the girl floor time, now and then. I rarely put her anywhere but in the swing or bed so that the older two don't "accidentally" plow over her. We all watched and cheered for her to roll on over yesterday, but not yet.

Pictures last night were underwhelming. I wanted and planned on having them taken before our trip at Thanksgiving, but killed that. I'll save my rant, but I will just say that I will not be ordering from them ever again. I love their store and that is where we get most of our clothes and almost all of our shoes but their online service STINKS! So, after I picked up my misdelivered package in Texas up, we were then ready to get them done back home. We got a rookie photographer, which is always annoying when I know more about scenes, cameras, and even the store specials than her. But, I had no hope of getting us all gussied up again in time to get cards ordered. So, the pic on our card this year isn't the best, but we are all in it. I ought to volunteer to give a "how to take kids pictures" class for the crew at Sears, because she was awful! It didn't help that they were running so far behind that Hannah was really really tired and therefore really fussy....oh, and the photo chick kept waking her up being loud, instead of having a sweet sleeping baby in the pics. Anyway, they are done. I won't get them until right before Christmas, so it will be a big sprint to get them out the door, but I'm ready.

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SarahV said...

So the bad "photo chick" was to counteract the good one in ohio for Joshua's bday pics, right? I would absolutley love it if you post tree decorating pics on facebook. I know you have tons of free time to do that.;) lol!!!
Miss you guys!!!