Friday, December 19, 2008

This week should feel productive...but it doesn't. It has been one of those where the more I do, the more things get all disorganised and piled up, but I'm making progress. The kitchen is a crazy place. I got all of the baking for Robert's work done and then had to switch into Thanksgiving dinner mode. Yes, we are having Thanksgiving dinner this weekend, again. One of the highlights of my year, every year, is getting to cook Thanksgiving dinner. And, although, we had a delicious Thanksgiving celebration with the Seagos in Texas, I didn't get to cook a single thing, since we flew in that day. So, tomorrow we are having turkey, my super veggie corn bread dressing, turnip greens, carrot soufle and cranberry compote. I'm also making a pumpkin pie and we still have a little fudge and cookies too. The Tomeks (our all star neighbors) are coming over also because they were on a family cruise for Tday and didn't get to eat either. Which brings me to my next point.....

Everyone talks about hunters in Texas. People split up their marriages over hunting and it is supposedly a dedicated sport. Well, I can now say that they have nothing on these yankee boy hunters up here. These guys are crazy. They hunt in rediculous weather. Tomorrow is going to be a high of 28 with howling wind and maybe snow....on top of the ice storm we've got going today. We are having a late Thanksgiving dinner because Mr Tomek is going hunting tomorrow. Crazy crazy man!

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SarahV said...

I'm sure there is some way we can blame that on his likeing the Browns, right? lol!!!