Monday, December 22, 2008

Well, it is a balmy 6 degrees this morning with a wind chill of -12. I love weather forecasts. The one for today says that we might have windchills reaching -10...yup, got that one guys. Ha! It is snowing now, so that is why it is so much warmer than when we went to bed. Last we checked, it was -1 degrees outside. Those numbers just don't even make sense. I do hope that this snow hangs on for Chrimtmas, but I don't think it'll make it. We are supposed to be highs in the 20's all week except Christmas eve when it is supposed to get in the upper 30's to mid 40's with rain and hence, our snow will be gone. So sad. I hope it is in the 20's tomorrow so the kids can go play in the snow. We haven't had any snow all December, actually any accumulation and so after getting to play in tons of snow in Nov, they've been locked inside with me this month. Today is Robert's only day of work this week, so hopefully he and the kiddos can get some good play time in tomorrow in the "no".

Leah has finally learned to say Christmas. Most of the time this year she has said kimah tree, kimah song, kimah lights etc. It was so cute the way she said it, but now she says it correctly, sigh. We didn't have much fun with Joshua and new words because he's always articulated words correctly from the beginning. His first word was cat pronounced dat, but since then he's always said things right. Leah has a doozy of a time with her s blend sounds and pronouncing l's, which is hampering when your name is Leah. So, when someone asks her name, she says "I two years old". Of course, she never gets to say her name because Joshua is quick to introduce the whole family to every Tom, Dick and Harry we even remotely get close to passing in a store.

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