Sunday, December 14, 2008

We are home this rate, we will only get 11 new churches under our belt this year, lol. Joshua woke up from nap yesterday with a raging fever. We oiled him up and got him back to bed. He is rareing to go this morning but Little Le is down now. Hope the rest of us keep safe.
I jumped out of bed at a brisk 10 oclock this morning and headed to the grocery store.....BY MYSELF! Yup, you read that right. Robert had all three kids by himself. I was on the time clock and had a SERIOUS list. We are doing Thanksgiving dinner this Saturday and I have all of the baking for Robert's employees this week, add in our normal weekly shopping in my list was massive. So, I flew through the store like a pro, I've done this once or twice before ya know, and was back home in an hour, almost $200 lighter in our checking account. I thought I did a fabulous job, Robert wasn't as impressed with my bill. But, I am now prepared to start baking away. Today I'll do all of the fudge, in addition to our steak and greens dinner. Tomorrow will be white chip and cranberry cookies. I'll send all of that with Robert to work on Tuesday and then start the Thanksgiving prep. We are having the Tomek's over and maybe Ms. Diane also. I'm making a turkey, my veggie corn bread dressing, turnip greens, carrot soufle, cranberry compote and probably a pumpkin pie or two. Fun stuff!!

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