Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Man, I'm SOOOO frustrated. When we were in Texas, Hannah slept thru the night 10-12 hours EVERY night.....the ENTIRE trip! Now, we are home and she is sleeping worse than a newborn. Last night I was up every other hour with her. I'm sooo tired. I already had a headache from too little sleep on the trip and I'm just miserable. Last night, I told Robert that Hannah and I are just going to have to move to Grandmommy's house and he can come visit us on the weekends.


nicole (nicmowat) said...

must be that texas air...my dad always says he sleeps better down here too! :)

and, if you come back, maybe we can SEE you this time! :)

Christi L. said...

yeah, that would be nice! I wasn't sure when ya'll got back and then I figured ya'll were busy getting settled in and our schedule was NUTSO, as I'm sure you heard....did you still smell us at the Seagos, lol!

Three Dough Boys said...

My thought was it had to do with all the GOOD mexican food : )