Sunday, December 21, 2008

We had a long busy but fun day yesterday. We got up and hit Target and Heinen's to finish grocery and gift shopping. Unfortunately, Target was sold out of card tables and since this wasn't a GCC function, we didn't need our 10' table. We headed home and I got the pumpkin pie baking and the chex mix made. Then I got the turkey that had been brining for two days in the sun room out and buttered and seasoned it. I did a citrus turkey and I must say it was the most flavorful turkey I have ever eaten in my life. Phenomenal. I did some citrus in the brine. Then I rubbed the skin of the turkey with an orange then smeared herb butter on and under the skin. Finally, I filled the cavity with onion, oranges and fresh thyme and sage. Seriously, I don't really like turkey but I LOVED this one. The greens didn't turn out as well as everything else. I cooked all day long! We also had carrot soufle and my corn bread dressing and rolls. We scrambled around getting ready like we were having a big party or something....we still aren't quite used to not having Gcc around. The Tomek's came over about 7 and we had a lovely dinner and it was so nice to be able to entertain again, even if it was only for another small family. It was funny because Peg kept apologizing for us having to feed all FIVE of them, lol. We tried to explain GCC but it is a foreign concept to have 50 people at a two year olds birthday party.

Anyway, we are home again today. The forecast was for the wind chill to hit 10 below zero. It isn't there yet, it is only zero right now. Robert decided and I agreed that we didn't want to take the kids out in that. So hopefully I'll get our Christmas letter all done. Our cards are supposed to be in tomorrow and hopefully I can get them in the mail on Tuesday, we'll see.

We are looking forward to Christmas. I don't know how white it is going to be, we only have a dusting of snow right now. We do have some in the forecast, I hope it is a WHoLE bunch. On Tuesday I am going to bake a batch of the cinnamon rolls from scratch. Can't wait! We'll take some over to several of our neighbors and then chow down on the rest ourselves. And then the next week, we get to go to John and Brandy's wedding!!!!!!! I'm SOOOO excited!! Their's is a marriage ordained by God and so it is a true joy to go and celebrate with them.

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