Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In order not rant over the stupidity of this swine flu scare....I will do a picture post.

Dad of the year. This is on our zoo trip a few weeks ago. It was our first day of the year over 70 degrees...we were sooooo happy!

Picnic lunch at the zoo.

Tea time with Lele!

Our group shot at the Creation Museum. I love how the Frye girls are hanging on Joshua. Joshua told me the other day that some day, God was going to move Joshua back to Texas so he can marry Alyssa. Pretty funny since we've never talked about marriage except that he can't marry Leah or Hannah. He didn't say we were all moving back, just him. We'll see.

My first loaf of bread from my fresh ground flour. I used hard red wheat, hard white wheat(prairie gold) and spelt. It is a sourdough loaf and tasted good but didn't rise perfectly. I've made a better once since then.

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