Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hold On To Your Hats

Whirlwind, comin through.....
-Had a whirlwind leading up to vacation, busy busy busy.
-We took off for some down time. We spent two nights at the Embassy Suites (best hotel chain of all time) south of Cincinnati and visited the Newport Aquarium and the Creation Museum. We give the aquarium 2 stars, we give the creation museum 5 Lachpach stars...our highest rating. Then we checked into Great Wolf Lodge and loved every minute of it. Joshua's favorite part was the wave pool, Leah LOVED the slides and rode them over and over and over and Hannah loved the water, as long as she didn't have to get in it. She and I stood with our toes close but not in the water alot. Sadly, Leah and Hannah got pretty sick and ran a high fever the last night we were there, so we cut our last day in the waterpark and headed home.
-We got home and my friend Erin was admitted to the hospital and so we went and picked up their six children. They stayed with us for three nights and we all had a good time. Things were really smooth and pretty easy, but no matter how it shakes up, 6 babies 5 and under is just exhausting.
-Tomorrow, I will prop my feet up and pretend that I don't have to miraculously whip this house into shape to start hosting a small group in our home on Friday after Robert is out of town on Thursday and Friday.
-Hannah is now 18 months old. She's a hoot.
-Tomorrow is day 14 since our pox party. I'm hoping to wake up to three poxy kids.

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