Friday, October 24, 2008

Any time we have people stay over night in our home, I like to cook a big breakfast for the next morning (it doesn't always happen, but that is what I like to do). I usually make a yummy over night french toast. I load mine with lots of fruits and nuts, so it is healthy too. But I've always wanted something a little more to add to it. So, I found this idea on the crockpot blog that I've posted here, side note...I still like that blog but I've been quite disappointed in some of the recipes I've tried...apparently my family likes alot more flavor than theirs does, but she has some great recipe ideas, and hey, I never cook by recipes anyway...back to original train of thought....what was I talking about???...oh yeah, today I did breakfast for dinner. I did my usual over night french toast, we'll call it over afternoon french toast....completely different from over easy, are you following me here? Then, I made sausage and potatoes in the crock pot. I diced up some red and russett potatoes (because that is what I had), a little diced onion and to finish off some mushrooms I had, I threw those in too. Put all of that in a ziplock and added a little olive oil, salt, pepper and all purpose seasonings...then mixed it up real good and poured it in the crock pot. Next, I sliced up some sausage (chicken and apple, again, that is what I had) and threw it on top. Cooked on low until dinner time. They are both perfectly cooked and I can't wait to dive in, I've sampled enough to know it will be good. I do like my sausage to look more brown though, so next time, I think I'll brown it a little in a skillet before adding tot he crockpot, just for my picky color tastes. Both will work beautifully over night, and all I'll have to do is get up and make the coffee....oh wait, my coffee maker is programable too, SCORE!

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