Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Photo Tag

From Cara at To Be Fruitful and Multiply....
For this one you open the fourth photo album on your computer and post the fourth picture.
My fourth pic is of my mother Lou Juanell Stiles and Granny, maternal grandmother Billy Cole Gregg...Hannah is named after her. This is at my sisters wedding shower in 2006? Is that the right year Amie? You can see my awesome hubby in the background. He was there to wrangle Joshua, Leah was easy since she was still in utero.



auntpinto said...

yes 2006 is correct

Christi L. said...

Well, obviously I"m a moron, but you already knew that being my sister and all. Since I was pg with Leah, I should have known it was 2006. DUH!