Sunday, October 5, 2008

BUSY weekend, but we had a lovely time. On Friday, we had the kids annual doctors appointment. We've found a wonderful pediatrician here. He is really really great, and was wonderful with the kids! They are all doing really well. Joshua wow'd Dr Phelps with his intellect and advances surprise there, he's a bright kid. He is 41 pounds and 40 3/4 inches tall...he's been a square like that most of his life. Leah wow'd the doctor with her physical advances. She keeps up with Joshua and totally surprised Dr Phelps at how flexible and stable she was physically. She was 30 pounds and 34 1/2 inches tall...she's a little on the chubbers side right now, but she'll have a growth spurt up soon, we've been seeing the signs of it coming. Hannah is great also. She is now 9 pounds and 4 ounces and 22 inches long. Not bad for a girl that was born 7 13, one month ago. She has two things of note with her, first she has a webbed toe. Robert and I noticed that in the hospital. Apparently it normally runs in families, but we don't know anyone in our families with webbed toes, who knows. We call it her lucky toe, ala Finding Nemo, lol! She also has a white spot on one of her pupils. It is weird, not like a cataract but neither we or the doctor know what it is. He is calling an eye doctor to talk about it for us.
Sarah stayed home while we went to the doctor and then when we got home, I changed out my maternity clothes for regular clothes and realized how sad a state my wardrobe is in....I have no winter clothes and man, I hope this weight comes off fast! Then, Robert and Hannah and I went on a date! We tried a Chinese buffett place that we had a coupon was blah, but the company was lovely! Then, we went to the mall and got a Starbucks and bought a pair of jeans for me, so I wouldn't walk around pantsless, lol. It was a really nice evening with my husband.

Saturday we got up and went to a small Rennaisance Festival in Medina, two towns south of us. It was small but nice. We came home for afternoon naps and tehn headed out for Robert's managers home for dinner. It ended up being a really late night for us but we had a lovely time. They even built a fire so the kids could roast marshmallows, but it was so cold that the kids spent most of the time inside watching Winnie The pooh. Hannah was so wired up that I didn't get her down until about 1:30, yawn!

This morning we got up and went to church #8 again, so they could see Hannah. I don't konw if we'll go back. The people are sooo nice, but the preaching is just very lacking in depth. We'll see what Robert decides. We got home after lunch at everyone's favorite Bob Evans and got naps before we headed out to Target and Giant Eagle to do some shopping. Now, Hannah is starting her fussy time and so I am off for the night, hopefully a lovely sleep filled night. ;-)

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