Thursday, October 16, 2008

Last night, Hannah and I went to an ICAN of Cleveland meeting. Robert was supposed to go with us, but he had a business dinner sprung on him last minute. It is the International Cesearian Awareness Network, and is basically a support group for women who've had Csections. It was so awesome. I had gone once before Hannah was born, and it really gave me the courage and accepatance to make it thru Hannah's labor and delivery. I can't say enough about this group. If ya'll know anyone that has had a CSection, please get them to go to a meeting with this group. It is very healing to be able to talk and work thru issues involved from Sections with other women that understand. Last nights discussion was Healing from Traumatic Birth. It was good talking about all of the emotions involved with Csections. It was also fun because I got to share my success story. Another girl that was due two weeks after me also made it with her 2 week old to share her VBA2C story as well. God meant for us to be there because there were 4 women there wondering if there was anyway to have a vaginal after 2 cesarians. It was a good night and Hannah was great. I was really worried because the evenings are usually her fussy time, but she was good until we were almost in our neighborhood. Then, shhhhh don't tell anyone....she slept 5 straight hours last night! WHO HOO!!!!

Hmmm, I need to update on the kids, but I also really need to eat lunch. Tonight, Robert and I are squeezing in another date before we lose our sitter and then this weekend is a big weekend. I really have to get some pictures up too.

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