Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We did have another great weekend. We went to a harvest farm called Rockin R Ranch on Saturday. It was in Columbia Station, which is right next to us, so it was nice not to have too long of a drive. We got to watch their cheesy character show. The kids rode ponies. Joshua was in one of his whiney boy moods, but I think Leah loved it. Of course, I have pics to post of it. We also got to go on the hay ride and JOshua and Leah got pumpkins. We did their "Fun" house, which turned out to be a spook house....we were NOT pleased....I'm pretty sure Robert was out right mad about the false advertising. It was not a place we would choose to go and we certainly would never take our children there. After that we went and got the kids faces painted. It was small but fun. The scenery was beautiful! I just can't explain to ya'll how awesome the changing colors are! I'm still trying to get any pictures that do it justice. Maybe this weekend.

On Sunday, we went to church #9. It wasn't awful. The music was very traditional baptist (even the upbeat songs were sung at a snails pace) but they did sing some praise songs, so that was nice. The message was good. You can tell what pastors are students of the Word and those that aren't. He was. We enjoyed hearing a message with scriptural cross references and everything! The location isn't ideal for where we want to buy next year, so I don't know that it will be our home, but I think Robert said we are going back this week so he can talk to the pastor and others. After church, we went and ate at everyone's favorite (including Sarah) Bob Evans. Yummy. Then Robert and the kids took naps, or were supposed to while Sarah, Hannah and I ran some errands.

I'm pretty tired. I feel the lack of rest catching up with me, but after Sarah leaves, will be staying home on the weekends and I'll have more of a chance to catch up. That is if Hannah lets me, which isn't guaranteed. Of course, the ankle deep leaves in our backyard might get some of that rest too. And we've only had one tree lose its leaves yet, yikes!

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