Monday, October 27, 2008

We had a lovely, quiet family weekend. Saturday we slept in (oh wait, that was a delusion of mine, ha). We ate breakfast and watched some cartoons together. Then we all headed up the road a bit and hit a thrift shop that Ruth and Sarah found while they were here. I made a very important realization there. First, thrift stores always smell alike, and it ain't good. Second, I realized why I"m not as thrifty as I used to be....I have small children. It is physically impossible to carry a 7 week old, hold a 4 year olds hand, push a two year old in a stroller and still dig thru mostly nasty, ill fitting clothing. After an hour, we gave up and came home. Robert still wanted to look, but I just couldn't rangle the kids any more. Call me a whimp, I'm ok with it. So, I vow off nasty thrift stores until I no longer have small children....unless we become really poor very quickly, even then, I think I'll hunt everything down on Craigslist from the comfort of my home.

The rest of Saturday we just hung out. Robert and Leah did run to pick up our milk for the week and Joshua and I did some puzzles, but that was it. We even went to bed early, who hoo! (oh wait, another delusion, everyone but Hannah and I went to bed early...I walked Hannah)

Sunday, we visited church #10. Not for us, although we kind of had that idea already. It was worth a try. Music was good. There were lots of slide show/skit things. The pastors message was about the election. Robert and I both walked out wondering if he was preaching for prolife or prochoice and we were pretty sure he was supporting Obama. Really weird. Next week, we'll try again. Robert did say we aren't going back to church #9. He isn't going to put an effort into a church that is so anti family, family friendly is important to us, even if we don't find family integrated.

The rest of Sunday we watched NASCAR and football and chilled out. I did catch part of the latest Duggar show where their oldest gets engaged. I just love that family! I love that they are living out what we believe in and doing it on tv.....and people actually watch!
Much asked for kiddo update.
Joshua- Such a big boy. He's really growing up! He is such a huge helper. He LOVES Hannah and is pretty fond of Leah. He will talk to Hannah and keep her from fussing so I can do important things like go to the bathroom. He's also coming along in school. He knows all of his letters and their sounds, although he still forgets a vowel sounds now and then, but hey, they have a bunch of sounds! He is getting number recognition down better. But he is a math guy like Robert. Robert showed him the basic concept of addition one time and he adds things all the time now. Maybe I'll add in subtration too soon. He also just had a growth spurt, stinker! I had him try on all of his pants about a month ago so I could see where I was for winter clothes. He had lots that fit. Now, every weekend when Robert gets him dressed he pulls out pants that are too short. Back to the shopping drawing board.

Leah- Leah is a hoot. She cracks us up with her little personality. She can pout like anything and turn her moods on a dime. And temper, oh my! We are working thru all of that stuff. She also LOVES to "nuggle", on her terms, of course. If you ask her to nuggle, nope! Must be when she thinks of it and brings it up. Her talking is getting better, but most people still can't really understand her. Her vocabulary isn't near what Joshua's was, but her physcial abilities are way way past where he was at this point. Oh, and she's ready to potty train.....but Mommy still isn't. She's a cute girl, and its a good thing some days, lol! I think I'm going to have to have her hair cut. I was hoping that my sister could do all of my kids first hair cuts, but Leah's is starting to look like a shaggy dog. She has three layers growing in all at different lengths. Her original layer is long long, which will make me sad to cut it, but it is just hair. Hopefully, I will get it done before our Christmas pics.

Hannah- She's going thru a "I want to be held and WALKED" 24/7 phase, so I'm not getting much done. Although right now, she is sleeping in the swing, YIPPEE!!! Better hurry before she wakes up. She's 7 weeks old now and is sleeping thru the night, technically. She sleeps for almost a 6 hour stretch most nights!!!! I don't know what to do with all of this sleep....and I feel like I should be more rested. She is holding her head up pretty well when someone holds her, but not when she's on her tummy yet. She's super sensitive to my diet, which stinks. She's a super chub in her face! I have pics to share, when I can get them up. But her legs are all Stiles chicken legs, no super rolls like her sibs. She likes to coo and "talk" and smile and laugh, especially at her Daddy right after a nap. We have an appointment tomorrow with a pediatric eye specialists for her to check on the spot on her eye. I'm hoping to hear that is nothing but a dot birth mark or something. They didn't sound real concerned when our pediatrician talked to him about it.

Robert has decided that all these weird genetic defects she has are from my side, and he's probably right. I was, of course, assuming they were from his side, lol. But, when Corbin showed up with the same webbed toe, it proved that one was from me. I also think it might be related to Waardenburg's syndrome. I read up on this some when Joshua was born. I really really think our family has it. I also think it may be why my Mom is deaf, even though the doctors said it was from scarlet fever when she was a baby. But hey, that was the 40's and they didn't diagnose her for years and years later. Anyway, we carry a TON of the symptoms. But only genetic testing would tell us for sure. Maybe some day.

ok, wrapping up this book....I'll have to wait days to post again so ya'll have time to read all of this, lol!

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