Monday, October 20, 2008

This weekend was sooo fun!
Friday, Ruth flew in to surprise Sarah for her last week here. To quote her when Sarah asked how she got here..."I flew and man are my arms tired!" Sarah didn't have a clue that I was picking her up at the airport and so when Ruth rang the door bell and Sarah answered, I think you probably could have knocked her over with a feather. It was fun!

SATURDAY!!!! We went to Amish Country. Now that is a place I could live. It was sooo pretty and life was slow, quiet and simple. It reminded me of growing up in West Texas but with horses and buggies everywhere, lol. We got lost, oh darn, and ended up eating lunch at Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen. What a FIND!!! We all raved and raved and raved about the food. It is all locally grown and harvested and prepared by them. And you just can't beat fresh local home cooked food. Seriously, we all agreed that if that was all we did, then the drive was worth it. It was sooo exciting to me to drive around and see all of the horses and buggies and the Amish people walking around. I've been fascinated with their lives since I read my first book about them in high school. After lunch, we toured a working Amish farm set up. It isn't an Amish farm anymore, but is owned by a family that was raised Amish and have since left the church. It was neat to tour the home and even neater to eat some yummies. We also got to ride in an Amish buggy. Our driver was named Lester and was very friendly. We were running behind to pick up our milk at our Amish farmers home, and so we didn't get to spend near the time that we would have liked to. We've decided that every time we have to go pick up milk (about every 10-12 weeks), we will go eat at Mrs Yoder's and choose a different Amish thing to tour. It really really was the best day. And the turning leaves are just amazing. I ooh and ahh over them every time we leave the house. God's creation at its most beautiful!

Sunday we visited church #9. It was nice. A small congregation. The music was just ok, but they had a bunch of their musicians gone. I missed alot of the sermon, but Robert and Ruth said it was pretty good. They teach line by line, so that is good. All of the ladies in the nursing room were really really nice and I enjoyed chatting with them alot. Most of the congregation are homeschoolers and there are lots of large families. However, someone came up and told Robert during the service to keep Leah quiet.....and she already was quiet. Robert was mad. So, I haven't heard his verdict on the church or not. Robert was pretty annoyed by it. It was really weird too since it is a family church that they would have such a anti-family policy. We'll see. It was the closest thing we've seen to GCC here so far.

More later....including our beach pics from today.

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Shannon said...

That is great Ruth got to come! I was reading about church #9 and so happy for you until I read about what they told Robert. Hmmmm....
Yes, my eldest is eye-to-eye w/me. He has braces and a changing voice. The baby is 1 today. sigh. She is still nursing at night--not good for future planning ; )
Way cool you got to go see the Amish country! Oh, and Ky said to try E on goat's milk instead of cow's milk. I gave it to her and you should have seen her face! It came right back out of her mouth. Oh well. She loves bananas, so her b-day cake is organic banana bread muffins with a touch of honey. I will take and post pics soon. Boy was it hard to find presents for her that didn't make tons of noise!

miss you,