Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Right now it is 50 degrees and rainy. High is only supposed to reach 57 today, BRRRRR RABBITS! Thankfully, I've made it thru the kids clothes and we are doing pretty well (thank you, ATIC!). Hannah and I are up a creek right now, but I can wrap her in blankets and really, why do I need weather appropriate clothes....isn't it enough that my children are dressed appropriately?

Had a good nights sleep last night. Hannah didn't go down until 12:45 but she slept until 5:45 when Robert got up. It was awesome! Much better than the night before when my longest stretch of sleep was 45 mintues.

I'm trying to plan out our last few weekends with Sarah. I think this Saturday we are going to Robert's managers house. There is an amish farm I want to tour another Saturday. We pick up our milk from our amish farmer on the 18th. There is a farm in Wooster that has harvest days every Saturday in October that I want to hit as well. That should about wrap up her time crazy is that! We also have to get Joshua's birthday pics done and sibling pics too. Some time.

We might have renters for our house. Our chiropractor and fam are selling their house and might rent ours. What a blessing that would be! Robert and Ky have to work out logistics, but it is an exciting prospect.

Our life is happily boring right now!


Angela F. said...

50 degrees ?? YIKES - get out the long johns and winter coats - ha ha!!!

Millicent said...

Well, our LOW here this a.m. was 51, but...our high will be 85. The amish farm stuff sounds like LOTS of fun. Miss you!

The Robison Family said...

Isn't this weather great? too bad we will be back in TX soon. Oh, and I haven't called or e-mailed, but we miss you terribly. If it is hormones, I've got them too! love you all!!