Saturday, November 8, 2008

Daddy's New Baby

Yup, your eyes do not deceive you. We went car shopping to replace our beloved Baby Car....and came home with a minivan. We decided that we wanted his work car to be able to back up our truck. It is 6 years old and still trucking just fine but in the next years it might start giving us trouble. We also only have rear wheel drive in the truck and the minivan has front wheel drive which is safer in snow and ice conditions. So, he now has gone from a Porsche to a Cavalier to a Minivan. Poor guy! I'm sure he still feels studly though since he's cranking out babies every other year, lol!!!!


Angela F. said...

sweet! now i dont feel so 'lonely' - that being said - we really like ours. it drives well and the kids can get in and out so much easier than in the sub. did you buy a ford like in the pic??

Christi L. said...

yup, Ford Freestar. We got a 2005 with 30000 miles on it, so we expect 10 years out of the sucker.

Kelly said...