Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pretty low key day today. Robert tried to get out and get the leaves raked to the curb this morning, but it started raining pretty good and at 40 degrees, you just can't stay out in the rain. I've been doing not much. I did dishes and got a crock pot chicken and dumplings going. Also have some brownies baking. I've rediscovered my love of cooking since we've moved up here. I realize that we were just too busy and too over commited in Texas and so I couldn't really cook for was always just hurry and cook something fast and healthy and run out the door. Or just run out the door and grab something out. It has been nice getting to slow down adn be a family again up here.
Robert and the kids have run out to pick up our milk and eggs. I hope Ada, our farmer's wife, sends something yummy like more fresh cream this week. Unfortunately, Robert just called and said the van died on him. He got it restarted, but now I'm sitting here waiting, wondering if I'm going to have to run out and get them in teh truck. I don't like this feeling. What if it dies on the freeway? Will they get cold waiting for me if they do? The winds are gusting high today, they've downed a tree in our neighborhood and it is cold and will be snowing soon. I don't like my family broken down out in these conditions. Time to stop thinking about an emergency winter kit in the vehicles and get them in there!

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Mom4Boys said...

I so hear you on slowing down as a family. It's good to be low key I think. I'm glad you are finding some joy in the simplicity of cooking dinner!