Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ho hum. Thursday, yea! That means it is almost the weekend, and we have nothing going on, YIIPPPPEEE!!! Although there is some SERIOUS leaf raking that needs to be done in our back yard before it gets covered in snow. You should see the really cool leaf vaccuum truck they have that comes around to suck up the leaves that people rake to the curb. The kids and I were fascinated watching it.
Went and had some retail therapy this morning. Just needed to get out of the casa. It wasn't a big deal. We took clothes to Goodwill and went to Target. Robert insisted that we all have thermal under wear, and they had some for all but me, per usual. Everyone in my house is so easy to shop for, but me. We've yet to buy me anything but my snow boots. Oh well. The jeans I bought two weeks ago are falling off of me already, so maybe I'm destined to be naked this winter, lol. I ordered a vest for our christmas pics from We tried to get it at our store but they didn't have my size and it was the perfect vest. Anyway, the stupid site didn't update my shipping address, just my billing address and so it is set to ship to Ky and Lori at our old house. The only customer service they offer is by email, so I immediately emailed them about their error. I got a reply. Says they'll answer my email in 24-48 hours. Thanks alot, real helpful since I HOPE that it would ship sooner than that. They are quickly ruining my plans for our pics to be done before Thanksgiving. I usually have everything done before Thanksgiving, but looks like it will have to wait until after this year, grrrr.
We've had a low key week. Laundry, cooking, teaching, reteaching, discipling, rediscipling, etc etc etc wash repeat. I'm trying to cook every meal at home until we leave for our trip so we save a little money. I need to post some of the recipes I've made lately so I have htem for next year.


Kelly said...

Have you tried those Lee "Instantly Slims You" jeans at Walmart? I just bought another pair today. I love 'em!!

Christi L. said...

Not yet, but thanks to you, they are on my list. The Glorie Vanderbilt's that I got a few eweeks ago are falling off of me now. Unfortunately, our Walmart is closed for remodeling right now. Ok, not so unfortunately, it was so scary that we didn't shop there...which is saying alot because I love me some Walmart shopping!

And hey, where's that sausage recipe???