Monday, November 3, 2008


Tomorrow is the end, thank goodness! Please remember to go VOTE!!! No matter who your voting for, please exercise your right that men and women have died to protect.

We voted by mail in ballot last week....seemed easier than dragging three kids to long lines. We voted McCain. Not because I particularly support him as an ideal candidate, but Obama is anti everything that my family believes and lives. If you haven't decided who to vote for, then vote for McCain so my family doesn't have to live in fear of being prosecuted for our lifestyle. It is about more than tax plans! Our country was not founded to be a socialists country, but that is what Obama wants. I don't want to government taking my money to use how it see fit to "help" people. I want my money that my husband works hard for to be used as we see fit and to help the charities and people we want to help with it. Besides, we'll choose charities that efficiently use our donations, unlike the wasteful spending of our government.

Thankfully, Wednesday morning, we will wake up with a new president and we won't have to hear about this stupid election anymore. It has been particularly annoying being in a battle ground state. The candidates are around here all the time and it is annoying how it stirs everyone up. I think Sarah is at the Farmers Market we went to on Saturday, today. Crazy! No matter who is elected, we are called to back and support them, and we will....only if it is Obama, it will be with trembling. Who ever is elected will be our God ordained leader for 4, I hope it isn't Obama.


gdeveaux said...

Amen on that Christi! Congrats on the new baby! Beautiful family...

Christi L. said...

Hey Gretch!!! Thanks. How are you guys?