Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I just went out and trudged around in the snow. We had about 4 inches last night and it is still coming down steady. Joshua went out this morning and then I went out about an hour later and I couldn't see his footprints any more. I had to go out to find Leah's missing hot pink mitten. It's still missing. Apparently, when the kids were out with Robert last night, she took it off and no one noticed until they were inside. So, she can't play. I hate that. They had so much fun yesterday and it was such a nice break for me, honestly. But, it's 28 degrees and lots of snow, she has to have mittens. I'm hoping since it is supposed to get up to 36 tomorrow that this snow will melt and we can find the mitten. Those suckers aren't cheap! But this snow stuff is really fun and absolutely beautiful. And our lifestyle lends itself to hunkering down, so we're good.


Mom4Boys said...

BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy the snow! Put a couple of socks on Leah's hand and let her go. : ) - Sandy

nicole (nicmowat) said...

when we were little, you used to be able to buy these clips that clipped your mittens to your jacket so if you took them off they'd just hang onto your jacket....you could also buy mittens attached to a long string that you thred in your arm holes
0--------------0 (mitten, string, mitten) you might be able to rig something up and attach ribbon or string....but other than that, get used to it! you're going to go through a LOT of winter clothes!

Christi L. said...

Actually, Tomek (neighbor) just told Robert about the string on the mittens trick last night while they were shoveling. Brian has a teenage boy to help him so he came and helped Robert. We heart the Tomeks!