Sunday, November 23, 2008

We've skipped another week of church shopping. Robert got a ticket to the Browns vs Texans game this afternoon, so we didn't go to church, again. He promises me that we are going to a great church next week, lol! We are watching the game on tv to see if we can see Daddy in HD. So far no luck. Joshua keeps yelling at the Browns to get the Texans legs, even though he says he is for the Texans...and Leah keeps running around yelling "Go Cowboys" with gusto. Can't imagine where she gets good taste from, hmmm. I think Hannah just likes to here the refs whistles blow. She fusses when they go to commercial. Can't wait until we get to watch our Aggies whoop up on the Tsips this week!!!

Other than that, I am just mentally checking my list of things to get done before we leave town. Haven't traveled with a baby in a while, so I have to remind myself of everything not to forget, like the baby monitor. I have a feeling this week is going to drag by.

I made a super yummy potato soup last night for dinner. I'll post the recipe and my review in a bit once I get kiddos down for naps.

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