Sunday, November 2, 2008

We are home today. Church #11 will have to wait until next week. Robert isn't feeling great. I don't know if it is a bug or stress, maybe a bit of both. Everyone is starting the sniffling/sneezing season with the crazy weather swings up here. This week is supposed to be nice, in the 60's all week until Friday and then back into the 40's for highs. The Tomek's say we will probably have snow that sticks in the next week or so.

We've had a nice weekend. Friday night we celebrated Reformation Day the way we have for 5 years now...breakfast out for dinner. It wasn't as yummy as Magnolia Diner with all of our friends, but we do love our Bob Evans. And Chef Mommy needed a break. When we got home, we went over to wish the Tomek's Happy Reformation Day, dressed up as their neighbors, lol. We also let the kids each have one piece of candy. The split the little snickers yesterday and will the other one another day. We are grateful that Martin Luther nailed his thesis to the door in Whittenberg!

Yesterday ended up being a big shopping day. Robert got up with the kids and let me sleep in until 10 with Hannah....that was much needed. Then, we sprung out of bed and headed to a farmers market. We stocked up on some Amish beef since our Paidom order was gone. I can't wait to try it. The man was very very nice. He even said he if putting together a grassfed beef cooking guide and needs a fajita recipe, so if I send him mine, he'll give us some free product. YES! We also got some produce from another Amish stand. You guys should see the greens, actually all of the produce, it is GORGEOUS!!! Seriously, pristine! I can't wait to cook up the greens. Nothing beats greens and corn bread. My favorite meal of all time!!!! I've finaly perfected cooking them to taste just like my Grannies! I just love interacting with the Amish. I get giddy. I wish I could make an Amish friend and learn more about them, but we don't live close enough to them.

After the farmer's market, we went and grabbed lunch at TGI Friday's. So disappointing eating out after buying such yummy fresh stuff. Then we ran over to Eddie Bauer's to try and find me some jeans to fit. It's always been hard to fit me because my legs are so long and I"ve always been skinny. Well, now I'm skinny and long legged but have a belly.....apparently no one in the clothing industry is shaped anything like me. BUT, I tried on a pair of curvy cut Eddie Bauer jeans in their regular longs and THEY FIT....COMFORTABLY!!!!! Except, they are $59. OUCH! So, we didn't buy them, I am watching for them to go on sale online and then they are mine! I have some money from my Mom to help us buy winter clothes and so I can use that. While I was shopping, Leah had a nasty poopy diaper, twice. The second time, we realized we were out of her diapers in the bag. OH NO! Thankfully I had some large prefolds that we use as burp rags and I set her up in those and we huried home. We were hoping it was something she ate and not a stomach bug because we all shared an all natrual Amish ice cream at the farmers market.

When we got home, we tried to get teh kids naps, but they had slept for an hour in the car ride home. So, we headed to the mall. I got the girls Christmas dresses at first purchse there ever. They were 20% off and I had a 20% off coupon, so they were reasonably priced. We also got Joshua some shoes. I'm embarrassed to say that his were two sizes too small....the kids never complained! OUCH. I also settled on a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans that will do until I can get the Eddie Bauer ones. They were cheap and ok fitting. I still have a long list of shopping that needs to be done, pronto since snow is coming, but you can only shop for so long with a 4, 2 and 8 week old. We got home just in time for bed. Makes me tired just typing it up.

Now, the kids are playing outside, and Robert and Hannah are napping. I am happy to get to sit down for a moment.....although the diapers needed to be put in the dryer and dishes loaded and lunch made.....

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Kelly said...

Have you ever tried the Lee "Instantly Slims You" jeans? They carry them at WalMart. I like the way they fit me. Just a thought. They are less than $20 a pair.