Thursday, January 15, 2009

This week has been a juggling act. Leah has gone up and down. Her cough sickness got better and then moved to an ear ache. Thankfully, ear aches are easy and I quickly pushed it thru with some Chamomilla. She is on the up and far today at least. Hannah is doing much better, a little snotty still and a cough if she gets worked up but other wise, good. In case anyone is wondering, I used thieves on their feet, melrose and RC on their chests until I ran out of RC, frankincense on their spines and then of course, my staple, purification on their lymphnodes. Now, this morning, Joshua says his throat hurts and he's achy. I can't tell yet if he is really going down or if he is just wanting some Mommy attention too.

In other news, I have no idea how we have any clothes in our closets. I've washed so many dirty clothes this week, it is crazy. The clean ones that I've been trying to get to to fold for three days cover our entire King size bed, REDICULOUS.

Yesterday was Robert's 38th birthday. He had a hard day at work. He's in the office by 6 every morning, yesterday he didn't get home until 7:30 PM. Working two full time jobs is really running him down. I made him a nice dinner at home with chicken and rice, two of his favorites (I know, real hard to please), since there is over 2 feet of snow outside and the kids are sick, we are delaying his birthday dinner out. Then we all had some of this cake (yuck, thankfully that isn't a temptation of mine since I am trying to lose the rest of this baby weight) and gave him his present. Then we got the kids down and he watched Aggie basketball and had a Shiner. Not the most exciting birthday ever, but I tried to get him everything I could to make him happy.

This morning it is really cold, like sunny and still -2 degrees outside. Tonight the forecast says, bitterly cold, low of -6 but they are always off, so I expect colder. Really, it doesn't affect the kids and I since we keep it about 66-68 inside all the time.

We decided that Netflix is cheaper than a gym membership in more than just monetary ways, so I am off to try my first exercise video from them!!

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