Thursday, January 29, 2009

I was sooo sore when I woke up this morning. I was worried about trying to pick Hannah up, lol! Of course, I was only sore on my right side...the side I was throwing the snow with. I knew I had to make myself workout to work out the stiffness. I just got Crunch Cardio Salsa in the mail. I highly recommend it, if you are not in great shape. It wasn't the hardest workout that I"ve ever done, but it was really fun, especially since I love to dance. Really, try this one out for a family activity. Fun stuff. And yes, my soreness is gone now, thank goodness!

Tomorrow, my Mom retires after 43 years as a Med Tech. I'm sooo sooo soooo excited for her. She has spent the last 23 years at the same hospital where they were quick to use and abuse her vast experience and knowledge but never rewarded or recognized all that she gave them. I am grateful for her time at that hospital because it clothed and fed and housed us all, but I have always been annoyed that they didn't recognize what they had in my Mom. She would go to work no matter what. Ice didn't stop her even though she had a big hill or two to make the 20 mile drive to work. Anyway, I am excited for her as she gets to start the fun stuff. I expect to have to put up with her way more than before and more quilts and "cute" little hand made stuff than I could ever want. Bring it on! Congrats Mom! I'm proud of you!

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