Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We are potty training. I'm embarrassed that we are just now starting, but whatever.Yesterday after naptime until bedtime she went with a bare bottom, no accidents. Cool! This morning so far, one accident, on the carpet of course. I guess this is one time to be thankful we are in a rental, lol. I feel bad for her because it is really too cold to run around with no pants, but I don't konw how else to potty train. So she has on a turtle neck and dress and socks. I really think she could do this really fast....if she wants to.

Joshua really wants to be a sugar lover, but he just isnt'. We let our children have very little sugar or sweets in general. And so they get all excited when we have something, even if they don't get any. Well, last weekend, I made up my annual batch of hot cocoa (which wasn't near as fun when I knew I wasn't sharing it with my GCC friends) and let the kids help me. Joshua was beside himself when I said we would all try some out to make sure it was just right. I made up little half cups for the kids and monster cups for Robert and I. Joshua took two sips and left it alone. I also made a Mother's Pie this weekend that Joshua stood on teh stool and watched for the entire process. Everyone got a little piece when it had cooled. He ate the crust and one bite of chocolate and was done. He just doesn't like sweets and I love it. My evil plan is working! or not.....Leah loves them.

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