Sunday, January 18, 2009

All of the kids are in some phase of sick or recovery. That has been my life for two weeks. It has me thinking. I think it is sad that we are a microwave society that wants results NOW, in all aspects of our life. And I feel it is even sadder that we have carried that over to our health. If anything is remotely uncomfortable for more than a few hours, we run to pop a pill to make it "better". Or run to the doctor so they will give even stronger pills (with stronger side effects) to make it "better". In the process, we have injured our bodies to the point that we have no health left in this country. Everyone, even small small children, have chronic health issues that require constant medication. I don't remember any kids my age being in the hospital when I was growing up. My cousin had bad asthma and allergies but she was an exception, not the rule. I only remember her being in the hospital once for it. Later, in high school I had asthmas issues also, but mine were due to my Dad smoking me out my whole life.

We've chosen not to take that route with our family. That doesn't mean we aren't ever sick, as evidenced by this recent little round of fun. It also doesn't mean things go by quickly, although they usually do. My children's immune systems seem to handle things better than most of the other kids I hear about. Of course, my kids probably would be considered to "suffer" more too. I don't do anything to lower their fevers ( I would if they were dangerous, over 105) and I don't do anything to stop aches and pains either. I love them thru it and their systems are stronger because of it.

God made our bodies to fight disease and heal themselves. Why can't America live like it? Just been on my mind these last two weeks.

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