Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy 2009

How weird does 2009 sound? I guess I feel that way every year. I wonder if my Granny, in her late 80's, still feels that way every year? Of course, she has alzheimers, so I don't know if she knows its a new year or not. Anyway, time to try and catch up. Hannah is sleeping in the swing so she doesn't cough as much and Robert and the kids are out playing in over a foot of snow....after they've finished shoveling, of course. The Tomek's even had little kid shovels for the kids to help, we love them.

New Year's eve, we got up at 3 a.m. to drive to Gainesville, Georgia for a friends wedding. It snowed on us the first two hours but then the weather was no problem. We were flying all the way to Knoxville, TN...the kids were traveling like champs, Hannah included. We stopped and had lunch and were amazed we would make it in just over 12 hours. You see Mr Google Maps had told us it takes 11 1/2 with no stops and hey, who thinks you'll have to stop with three small children, really. Then, we got bitten by Mr Maps. Apparently, when Robert pulled up the route, he did shortest and so that is what we drove. However, we should have done FASTEST. We ended up driving thru Dollywood and Gatlinburg TN.....over the busiest vacation week of the year. You see where this is going right? It took us over an hour and a half to drive about 5 miles of their downtown areas. I didn't count how many pedestrians we almost hit, but it was numerous since the would just step right out in front of you to cross the street. THEN, we drove thru Smoky Mountain National Park. Sounds lovely huh. We were already so stinking stressed out from crawling for so long. Then we got to go 30 mph thru the mountains. It was torture. We ended up having a 14 hour drive up. We arrived in time to get in our room, have some dinner and then meet up with all of the Seagos to celebrate the New Year. Ok, the kids and I only made it to abou 10 but still. I have no idea how Robert made it to midnight but some how he did...had to be his love for the Seagos keeping him going.
The next day started a whirlwind of wedding prep and parties. The bride, Brandy, was living in N Carolina and the groom, John, was living in Dallas. SOO, there was alot of stuff to get done when we all got into town. Grandmommy whipped us all into shape and got us all moving. It was a blast getting to spend time working along with everyone, but man I was sooo tired. We were up for breakfast with our kids at abour 7 and then Hannah and I were off for the day with the girls doing wedding stuff. We fell into bed each night about 11. Hannah usually woke up 3-4 times a night to nurse and then we started all over again. I was sooo worn out. But, it was one of the most beautiful weddings I had ever been to, and it had nothing to do with any decorations. John and Brandy have kept themselves pure and holy until their matrimony and their love for each other and for our Lord was so apparent in every aspect of the wedding. Their first dance almost brought most of us to tears it was so moving. I'll post lots of pics, of course. We drove back in about 13 hours because we hit several storms in Tenn and Ken.
This week we've been nursing sick babies. The poor Davis kids were sick while we were in Georgia and so we figured at least one of ours would get it. I was hoping it would be the older ones since they were playing with the kids. Leah and Emma Truth are the same age, and so are Joshua and Trace. Makes for lots of fun playing, but also an almost guarantee of germ sharing. Sadly, Leah started coughing on Monday and completely tanked on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hannah started snotting up on Tues and has been struggling since. Thankfully we have our oils and remedies. Leah is going back full strength with a little snotty nose now. Joshua has escaped so far.

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