Thursday, January 22, 2009

It is a balmy 33 degrees today, ahhh, relief. So, even though Leah still has a little runny nose and fever blister and Joshua is still coughing now and then, I bundled them up and sent them outside. It is the first time this year they've been out of the house, sadly. Leah got about two feet from the back patio and couldn't go any further until she had some good tracks laid down by Bubba. Hannah and I went out into the sun room and got some vitamin D. It felt sooo warm and I"m sure it wasn't over 40 in the sunroom. A few minutes later, Joshua comes banging on the door and I hear Leah screaming. She had veered off of Joshua's path and was stuck in waste deep snow. Joshua couldn't get her out. I put Hannah down and threw on my snow boots and headed to rescue her. The snow was too deep to just walk out and get her, since I didn't have snow pants on. It would have come up to just above my knee right off of our driveway. So, I ran down to the sidewalk and back up our neighbors drive to make my way over to her. It was all rather comical, especially since I had just gotten out of the shower and my hair was still very wet. Surprisingly, it didn't feel cold really except when the wind blew.

I spent 45 minutes with Billy Blanks, doing his TaeBo Calorie Blast dvd this morning. I liked it alot better than the aerobics dvd I had last week, but not near as much as I loved my cardio combat class I did at the gym last year before I got pregnant. I'm going to search on Netflix and see if there is a cardio combat class dvd or something like it. Our first Netflix movie should be inthe mail today and we'll finally see The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Movie! YEA! I'm really liking Netflix. One of Robert's christmas presents was a Clearplay Dvd player. Check them out here if you haven't heard of them, but they rock. We can now watch a movie without doing a weeks research on what is in it first!

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Kelly said...

I have a Denise Austin video I like. I'll have to find the title, but it's three 15-minute walking work-outs. You walk the equivalent of a mile each time while doing exercise. It's cool and easy to in shorter intervals when you don't have all the time in the world.