Sunday, January 25, 2009

I love looking at tracks in the snow. I've learned all about the paths and habits of our "pet" squirrel and rabbits. I know which trees they go from and in what order. I love it when I find tracks that I can't identify, very mysterious. Some of the rabbits have feet that are just smaller than Leah's and they make little baby footprint looking prints. It makes me laugh to think of a baby trapsing barefoot thru our snow. I also love the way that "our" squirrel, he is ours...his house is in our tree, has devised a route so that when the snow gets too deep for him to hop thru, he never has to touch the ground.....he uses the rooftops, fences and tree branches like an above ground railroad. It's fun.

Motherhood is hard. I constantly feel inadequate. If I stay on top of the house and my email and serious online game obligations, I fail to mentor and educate and mother my children. Sure, everyone eats healthier in those times, but my kids feel neglected. If I play and wrestle and read and teach my kids, the house is a disaster and we have nothing to eat. On a rare occasion, teh Lord is merciful and I have the energy and drive to all of the above, but usually at the expense of any love and mercy for my sweet husband who is working his tail off right now. And at the end of those days I am sooooo sooo happy but oh so exhausted. Hannah is the only one that doesn't get neglected regularly around here. She has found the trump card, MILKIE!! LOL!

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