Friday, January 23, 2009

It made it up to 40 degrees today which is 53 degrees warmer than last week, so the kids and I all got on our snow clothes and headed out. Hannah has the softest, cutest little snow suit ever and this is the first time it has been warm enough to take her out in it, lol. I pulled her around on the sled a little and that was fun. I finally got to walk around in the deep snow, it was funny. You expect your foot to stop but it just keeps going and going. We all had fun.

I think we might finally be done with this cough/cold thing the kids have been passing around. Joshua and Hannah have remenant coughs now and then but for the most part we are on the mend, I am SO glad! I told Robert that I don't konw if I want to go and just let them run somewhere or not leave the house again until spring, lol. I'm sure the germs are just waiting out there to get us, lol. Tomorrow it is supposed to be really cold again but we have to run some errands. We are in desperate need of a Sam's run and need to hit the resale shop for some clothes for Hannah before the new law banning resale stuff goes into effect.

Speaking of Hannah, she is a growing girl. She's up to 17 pounds now and still looks just like her brother. I checked and Joshua and Leah both rolled over right at or just after three months, Hannah did once but hasn't since. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I can't lay her down much, avoiding the trampling by sibs and the really cold floors. She is chewing on her hands constantly, so I'm wondering if we will have teeth soon. This is about when JOshua got his first 6, all at once. Leah didn't get hers for another 4 months. She's changing so much and I feel like we are just around the corner from leaving infanthood behind, insert sigh of relief smiley here.

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