Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Trip to the Creation Museum

Last Thursday we all got up with Robert at 5AM and hit the road. Robert headed north to work and we headed south to Cincinnati. The drive up was uneventful. We made the 4 hour drive with only one stop, and that made me hopeful for a smooth trip home too. We pulled up to the Creation Museum about 10:20. Angela and I had been on the phone and so I knew that they were running off some energy waiting for us. We pulled up and I casually stopped the truck and asked Joshua who those people were. He said, calmly, the Frye's...and then hysterically THE FRYE GIRLS! There could have been tears in his eyes just from his voice, but I couldn't see his face all the way in the back of the truck. I told him he could unbuckle and get out. Angela came over and he JUMPED out of the truck and into her arms. It was such a sweet moment for me. I hurt for Joshua that he is so lonely here. It is hard on him and hard on my Mama's heart. I knew that we were going to have a FULL day of friends and fun.

I know that this picture is all blurry and horribly lit but this is how Joshua and Alyssa spent the day. Those two just have some kind of little bond that is so sweet. Joshua loves Amanda too but he and Alyssa just jive with each other.
We came in and immediately saw huge life size dinosaurs, moving. It was fun.

Here is a slide show of some of the rest of the day. Take note of the real and very life like Adam and Eve, in the garden before the apple....naked. We were getting a little nervous as we went into each successive room, especially when we came into the room where they were bathing...were a little worried about what would come next, lol! It was all so amazingly beautiful!

This day made something very clear to me. I've always nodded at good art but I can't say that I have ever really appreciated it. This museum is a gift from God. He had to have specifically created these artist to be able to produce such amazingly beautiful detail on such a large scale. It was stunning. The detail and beauty were just overwhelmingly true. There are families from GCC that I've always known were artists, but I must say that I am so thankful that God created families like the Cole's, Mucha's, Lichnovsky's, Woody's, Watson's and so many more. I could never even conceive of the creations that are just natural to them. Isn't wonderful how God created each of us for His own purposes.

We packed up to head home about 4:30. I had a headache that was getting pretty intense, but had a cup of coffee and hit the road. We hit downtown Cinci right at rush hour and I'm so grateful because I was in intense migraine pain and was pretty certain I was going to puke at any moment. Thankfully, all of the kids were sleeping so I could be in misery alone. I don't know how I made that drive home, except for His grace. We made it. Not near as quicly or smoothly as getting there, but we made it. Hannah was really fussy the second half of the drive and Mommy was too. All of that still didn't remotely dampen how awesome the day was!!! I highly recommend the Creation Museum, especially if the Frye's are there!


Large Order of Fryes said...

It was a great day - and the museum was pretty neat too! : )

I will get my pics up soon - i also want the group pic of us scanned - it is funny!

Shannon R (Room for More) said...

Great pics of the day. I am sorry about your headache. For once you can be grateful for traffic. We all miss you down here in TX!

Ruth Velarde said...

Oh! How I wish I'd have been there to see those kids together! I'm so glad you all had the opportunity to get together and had such a great day. I have to admit, I don't get how traffic helped with the headache, though. :-)

Christi L. said...

Ruth, since I was only driving about 10 mph, it didn't matter that I couldn't really see the road and was about to puke. ;-)