Monday, April 6, 2009

We had a nice weekend. Saturday I got some sewing done, including liners on the kids curtains since the sun is staying up longer than they are supposed to. Sunday we did church and family time. We did get pretty Easter dresses and a little suit for Joshua. Yesterday, Leah and I found a very pretty hat to match her dress. All set for Easter. We get to start our family readings in preparation today. What a blessed week to walk thru each year!

I'm trying to keep a positive attitude this week, but I must say the fact that we are expecting 1-2 inches of snow today and more tomorrow is making that tough. It is a gloomy thing to be sitting in April, leading up to Easter and wondering how much snow we'll get. I need some warm/hot Texas days to cheer me up. The Lord has been merciful to us. Mr Tomek said that they usually get 18 inches of snow in March and this year we just had one inch. Thank you Lord. And we've even had a few days in the 60's. It felt so good to just walk around in jeans and a tshirt in the afternoons. One day, I even ventured outside barefoot. Soon. Right?

Kids are good. I have'nt broken the surprise they'll get this week yet. I did tell them yesterday that we are going on a trip on Thursday. I'm not telling them that the Frye family will be on the other end of that trip. I better warn Angela to tell the girls to brace themselves because Joshua will probably SCREAM and tackle them. And hold their hands all day! :-) I'm excited about seeing a friend too. And I'm pretty excited to see the Creation Museum as well.

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