Monday, April 27, 2009

Random stuff.

Trying to be productive this week. Last week was entirely a nursing week. I was proud that we only ate out once...until I crashed on Friday, but that is another story. Robert has a dinner meeting with their board of directors tonight so I have over time today. We are going to run a bunch of errands and get some much needed purging and donating done. I am going to bake some bread since I won't have to have it in the over right next to the bulb to be warm enough for it to rise. I'm really enjoying baking bread and using my grinder although I haven't gotten to much and the whole process is still intimidating to me. How's that for a really long run on sentence?

Kids are doing better. They are all still coughing now and then. Leah is still sleeping really hot, but that is good to burn those germs off. Hannah only napped a tiny bit yesterday afternoon, so I hope today is a good nap day for her.

If you haven't tried Teeccino, you should. I love it and am sad that I am out right now, waiting for a shipment to come in. You can try their sample pack of all ten flavors for $12. It is a great deal. You should do it. So good and good for you, unlike coffee, which isn't. I like the Jave, we both like the Hazelnut and Robert loves the chocolate, go figure. There weren't any of them that I didn't like.

More on my health to enjoy this beautiful weather and be productive. Praying for no headaches this week. We hit 87 yesterday, yippee!!!!! Hannah's feet were uncovered for the first time in her life.

Oh, and Hannah is super long, but the skinniest baby I've ever had. I've also lost weight faster than with my other 2, don't know if there is a connection. She still isn't crawling and has no teeth.


Ruth Velarde said...

How funny!! In Texas you hated Teeccino! Well, we're glad you've come around to our side of the fence! hehehe

Christi L. said...

Umm, wrong person. I actually always liked it but stopped it when I was getting my headaches with Leah. I didn't know if it was contributing to them or not. I was drinking tons of Vanilla Nut then, this time I ordered Java, Hazelnut and Chocolate.

Ruth Velarde said...

Oh, it's the reason I had confused. I was thinking you didn't care for it when it was really about headaches. Well, that makes sense. I claim the "over 40 brain" syndrome on this one. hehehe