Friday, April 3, 2009

We've had a great week and I am tired. We have half a cow in our freezer, yummy!!!! And finally got to have dinner with the Lohnes, although the boys were both working. My kids are worn out. Wed night was a late night with small group and then last night was late with the Lohnes's over and everyone is dragging today. Tonight is a nice quiet and EARLY family night!!!! It is rainy and cool here, but that is ok with me. I wanted a quiet down day today. They've also taken most of the snow out of the forecast for next week, and I like that too!!!! Happy weekend everyone! I've got to get some Easter dress shopping done and I hope to hit up the really huge and awesome nursery here. I need something to be living around here. Although, the grass is starting to green up and some of the trees have a few buds on them. Spring really wants to be here, but from what everyone keeps telling me, we have another month before we are officially done with winter. Crazy!

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