Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In limbo, I have lots of stuff to get done today and tomorrow but I'm waiting on one major thing to get scheduled before I know when I can do everything. Frustrating. Anyway, tonight we have small group, yea! Tomorrow, I think the pastor's family is coming to dinner. This is our third time to try and get together but things keep coming up for them, I think that is normal for pastor's, in my experience. So maybe this week. We also get our side of beef in this week, who hoo! One more step in my stocking up efforts. AND, I got my grain mill and bread mixer in yesterday. So, I can start grinding my own grain and making our bread soon. This is all really exciting to me. Can't wait to get going.

Kiddo updates.
Joshua- He's so big. He's reading really well and wants to read all the time. BE glad when he is reading totally independently because I think he is going to go nuts. He LOVES Hannah. I mean, LOVES her and I can see why because they are identical twins. It cracks Robert and I up. He's all boy. Loves playing outside. Loves to work. He's happiest when he is doing work with us. He's a good kid. Tests my patients with all of his never ending questions somedays but a good kid.

Leah- SPIT FIRE! This girl is crazy. She's hysterical funny and can crack anyone up but man she is HEAD STRONG. I have no idea where she gets that. Like my Daddy always says, I kept all of mine. She really is a mini me. I just love her.....and wish she were a tad bit easier to raise. lol! She likes Hannah but doesn't dote on her the way Joshua does. She sneaks her loving in when we aren't paying attention or she thinks we aren't. She keeps up with her big brother just fine and no one can convince her that they aren't the same age and size or that he is more advanced than her in anything.

Hannah- She's growing like crazy. She's about 18 pounds now but seems much bigger. Every time we are out people ask how old she is and then ask if she is big. Don't know exactly how they mean that, but all of my babies are big. She seems pretty normal sized to me. She's rolling over but isn't big on rolling all around the room. Not like she ever has to get anything herself anyway. She is starting to sit up unassisted, but hasn't quite perfected it yet. She gives me big big hugs when I pick her up and that makes R jealous. Of course, I don't think he's realized that she is really just trying to get to my hair that she loves to chew on. She babbles and chats all the time and she is a DROOL MONSTER. Seriously. She's really laid back and just tags along for the ride of the Lachney express. She's been a really easy baby and even sleeps thru the night sometimes. That is pretty cool in my book. She'll be 7 months old this week, that's crazy!


SarahV said...

Hannah is 7 months already?!?!? I guess she didn't like the whole not growing up until the next time i see you.;) I miss you guys!! Can't wait til you come down again!!

Kelly @ Follow Faithfully said...

One of my friends here grinds wheat and makes bread. You know me, at first I was skeptical because it seems to me that there are some good options out there in the stores. But, she told me more about it and I am definitely intrigued. I can't wait to hear how it goes for you!!

So happy to read a kiddo update too! Love those Lachney kids!! :D

Hard to believe Hannah is seven months. Woah.