Sunday, April 19, 2009

We have had a great weekend! I love weekends that are just family fun....of course, it helped that God blessed us with BEAUTIFUL weather on Saturday. I needed a beautiful weather day.

On Saturday, we headed out to the zoo. I packed us a picnic lunch and Robert loaded up the wagon and we got there shortly after opening. It was so fun to be there as a family. They've opened some more of the exhibits from the winter break, including the Australian Adventure, which of course I love. I miss waking up to roo's and wallabee's eating in the yard. The kids and Robert climbed up thru a huge treehouse and then slid down the giant snake slide. It was fun. Robert made the mountain trek up to the cats and gorillas pulling Leah in the wagon and Joshua on his shoulders, crazy! This path is sooooo steep and long. This zoo was horribly designed, but we were just happy to be out in the warm sun. We had our picnic at some tables on the swan lake and it was like it was our private area. No one else was around and we had a lovely little meal including fresh strawberries and Ningxia Red. We headed home about 2 when the zoo was getting really really crowded and got the kids naps. I got my grocery run in for the week, which meant I didn't have to do it today and got a nice nap instead. Last night we got the kids to bed and admired our pink arms from the sun and Robert watched nascar/baseball/basketball while I read and baked my first loaf of sour dough bread using my new grain mill. Lovely evening.

This morning we went to church and Pastor Will preached an awesome message. He did an over view of Romans, that we are going thru right now, and it was just great. One of the best things was when we got home. Joshua sat down at the table and started drawing out the chart that Will had drawn up on the white board while he talked. Joshua kept saying "there is a God and he HAS spoken!" This is why we keep our kids with us in church. Awesome! We came home and had lunch and family nap time, YIPPEE! Now the kids are in bed and we are winding down the evening...preparing for another week. Robert has a crazy busy work week and the kids and I will do our normal routine, although hopefully with a little more schooling than we've been doing lately. Joshua is really wanting to do more school, I guess his lazy Mama should be more diligent, but I figure we've got a lot of school years ahead of us...why rush.

I'll try to get pics of the zoo trip up tomorrow!

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Terri S said...

Wow, what a fun day! I'm glad ya'll are enjoying your new home, but we miss you like crazy!

The cupcake cake was kind of fun, but I wouldn't want to do a lot of them. It really seemed to fit the shape we needed and great for individual portions that don't need to be cut. It's still a little messy though with all the icing between each cupcake. Be sure to check out the Peter Rabbit cake I just put up tonight. It was for Kathryn Golden's baby shower. Give everyone hugs.