Thursday, July 17, 2008

Busy week.

We had Leah's birthday on Tuesday. I can't believe she is 2 already, where has the time gone....oh yeah, could be moving and gestating and lactating etc etc etc. She was excited to all day tell us "Lele Dirbay, 1-2" holding up 1 or 5 fingers. One time she got just two fingers up, we were so proud of her.

Wednesday she woke up and told me "Lele dirbay, 1-2" and was not very happy when I told her that no it wasn't her birthday any more, it was Sara's. That afternoon, we went to the Strongsville Homecoming Parade. Yes, these weirdos have homecoming that isn't part of football. It was Joshua and Leah's first parade and they had a BLAST! It lasted about an hour and a half, LONG! They both had bags and were soooo cute scrambling to pick up candy for their bags. They didn't realize everyone else ate the candy later, they just thought the game was picking it up! Daddy took the candy to work this morning, but Joshua and Leah got to play with their necklaces, frisbees and fire hats. It was really really fun. Pretty warm, but we had to laugh. Everyone kept mentioning what a scorcher we are having. Yesterday it hit 90 and today was supposed to max out at 92, a real killer! We don't even have the humidity to make it yucky hot. So, we just smile and enjoy a good chuckle!

Today, Leah woke up and asked me if it was her "derbay" and I said no. She smiled and said "Tantain derbay!" She's so cute. We had an ultrasound appointment today. Everyone kept asking why I hadn't had one before now, like I had committed a cardinal sin. And, everyone, the u/s tech and two doctors, commented on how stubborn our baby is. He/she was flipped over so they couldn't see his face and couldn't get many decent shots of his organs. Oh well. I told them that was about par for my children. I think they expected me to be stressed by it, but of course I'm not. Size and all of that looked good for age, blah blah blah. No major abnormalities, that they could tell, of course they emphasized that part. We see our OB again next week.

This weekend we are going to try and beat this heat, lol! I think we are going to catch a break on Sunday and a front will come thru and get us back in the upper 70's where we should be. *big roll eyes here** Saturday we are going to try and get some carnival time in before the teenagers take over. Robert heard at work that right after the parade, when we left, there was a big fight between a bunch of teen boys and it became a real mob scene. Glad we were long gone!!!

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