Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OB appointment went fine today. They haven't received my U/S report from last week yet, so I have to go back next week, yuck. Another yuck, Ohio requires you to be tested for gonerea and chlymidia, no opting out. Honestly, if it were the beginning of my pg, I would have fought it, but at this point, whatever. It just ticks me off the state/government thinks they have any say over what I do to my body. And waht a waste of money! I know for a fact I have no STD's, so why does it make any fiscal sense to keep doing useless stupid test. BLAH! Anyway, so while they were at it today, he went ahead and did my group B strep test as well. I've always been negative before, and this time I took YL Inner Defense for a week leading up to the test, just to make sure. Just one more battle that I woudl rather not have to fight.

Anyway, on to positives....a cute kiddo story.
Our family memory verse two weeks ago was Joshua 3:7. Yesterday at lunch, we were practicing. Joshua quoted it for me and then Leah repeats it after me. When we finished, I said "Joshua 3:7" and she diligently said "Bubba 3:7". I about died trying not to cackly hysterically out loud!!!

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Shannon R said...

Oh my goodness, That is SOOO funny about the Bible verse! Extra tests are no fun. Thanks for all the updates! Dustin gets his braces on today and he has TX History with Jo Beth. We are great and yes, slowing down--finally! It's great for this homebody! miss you!