Monday, July 21, 2008

We had a good family weekend. Saturday we got up and unpacked the rest of the living room. That means that we really only have the office to figure out and the garage. We have to get the garage organised so I can park in there this winter. Getting three kids in and out of the car in the snow would not be fun in the least!

We finished up chores and headed out for errands. Target and Heinen's and then the long awaited trip to the carnival. Joshua was beside himself. We got the kids little ride bands for unlimited rides and went after it. Thankfully they had picnic tables all over so I could sit down alot. The kids rode and rode and I just sat being sad not to have my camera. Joshua got to ride the kids rollercoaster and his face was PRICELESS! He loved every second of it. They both rode the mini ferris wheel, which was too cute too. Robert rode the Dizzy Dragons with them and taught them how to get the dragon spinning super fast until you get almost sick. There were some other rides they did over and over as well, including a carousel. It was so fun. We came home for naps and then headed back up for more rides. The kids got to share and ice cream with Daddy and we all had so much fun. It was a really great family day.

Sunday we visited church #4. It was ok. Just ok. We'll try again next week. It is always Robert surprise on Friday to tell what church we are going to visit on Sunday.

We have an OB appt this week. And we might get to meet up with the homeschooling family that we met on the 4th!

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