Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thoughts on Ohio....

This started as a photo only blog, but now I need a place to blog our life in Ohio, so this is it. Our webpage is way too laborious to update. So, check in periodically and catch up.

Our thoughts so far on Ohio, in random bullet points....
-Cities are the same all around the world.
-Organic and healthy food is much more prevalent here in the grocery store because of the Amish communities surrounding here.
-Our landlord should hire some female cleaning ladies cause this place is filthy.
-We really need to get our voter registration switched pronto. This is union country, YUCK!
-Robert's commute willl be unsettling for me during snow and ice since it has a section they call dead man's curve.
-Joshua is having the hardest time adjusting of us all.
-Sunday's just aren't the same without GCC.
-We LOVE having sidewalks in our neighborhood. Who knew how much safer they feel.
- We also LOVE not being on a main street.
-We LOVE LOVE LOVE our sun room on the back of the house.

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