Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!!!!!!

It will in fact be too cold for any swimming today. Can you believe that? I'm really sad for Joshua, but happy for Robert. Oh well, hopefully soon it will be warm and we'll have access to a pool, all at the same time.

This morning we are doing more work around the house, like repairing the closet rods that keep crashing down in the middle of the night and putting up over the toilet storage in our bathroom. This afternoon we have the nonpool party and then tonight FIREWORKS. Joshua has been talking about seeing fireworks for weeks!

Funny house thing. Everyone knows the Guthrie condo on the our camping trips, right? Well, Robert and I's master bathroom is about the size of their camper bathroom. It is almost comical. We are trying to figure out if I'll even be able to use the toilet by the end of this pregnancy. Too funny!

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