Friday, July 11, 2008

Another exciting week down. We didn't get tons accomplised except the huge task of finding an OB. We also have leads on pediatricians and chiropractors, so that is good. We only ate out once this week! I'm so sick of eating out, but it has kind of come down to either I work on the house during the day or I cook dinner at night.

The kids are doing great. The pool has really helped, even though they freeze! We played in it after Robert got home yesterday and that was much warmer. They actually got in the water, instead of just standing in it. Yesterday morning, Joshua told me his legs hurt from the water. Frostbite would not surprise me, lol! The water is so cold here out of the tap. I can see why people don't really drink iced tea much here, they don't need the ice. Our neighbors said it is so cold coming out of the tap in the winter that it will hurt your teeth. Funny.

This weekend we are going to go do some exploring. Might check out a farmers market kind of thing if we feel up to it. Might be good for Joshua to get out and see people. And of course we still have boxes to shuffle and unpack. My goal is to get all of that done in the next ten days because then I really have to start focusing on intensive cleaning so this house will be clean enough for a baby to come home to in Sept. That will take a long while.

We have cable hooked up already. Kind of weird and fun all at the same time. I just love Cash Cab and all of the cooking shows, but we will all be more than ready for it to go after the baby arrives. Oh, and I get to watch the olympics!!!! That was my distraction waiting to go into labor with Joshua too.

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