Thursday, July 24, 2008

We Have A Friend!

Ok, at least we had a playdate with someone and it was really fun. We met one homeschooling family at the 4th of July party we went to. Today we met the Mom, Emily and daughter, Whitney 7, at the mall to play and chat. It was really fun, like we were real people or something, lol. Emily and I got to sit and chat and the kids ran around crazy, like they hadn't seen people in 40 years. Joshua was so excited. He wanted to hold Mrs. Wilson's hand to walk thru the mall....he misses all of you GCC extra Mommies! We played and talked homeschooling and healthy living and husbands jobs. So fun. She told me there is a Scholastic Warehouse right here in Strongsville that has teacher sales pretty regularly, so I'll get to score some great buys there once I get signed up. I know you Homeschooling Mommies are jealous! I think we are going to meet again next week. YEA!

Now the big thing for the rest of this week is to wait for our meat. We ordered our first order of beef from and now we are just waiting for it to get here. I CANNOT wait to eat some yummy organic steaks again! I've missed my Paidom beef! We are pretty good on chicken here. They have some Amish raised chickens that are almost as good as organic, so we can do that from the store. We just haven't been able to find good organic beef yet. We ordered from Paidom when we lived in CA too. If you haven't checked them out yet, you should. Alan is great to work with and so awesome about the way he runs his ranch, as well as the way he watches over the butchering process of his cows.

Saturday we are doing Leah's 2 year old portraits. Got find something to do with her hair, it is CRAZY!

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